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Limited Time Costume Rotation



Pharaoh's Soul
Pharaoh's Gaze




Mariner's Swimwear


We will also be rotating out a few old costumes so visit the in-game shop or web store here to see all the limited time items. Sale ends September 1, 2017.

Rotating Weekend Boosts #4

We're having another rotating boost weekend! This rotation will work just like the previous ones, however this time there is a whole week of 100% bonus EXP starting August 16!

  • Wednesday, August 16 9:00 AM Server time to Wednesday, August 23 – +100 Bonus XP
  • Friday, August 25 to Sunday, August 27 –  +100% Bonus Drop Rate
  • Friday, September 1 to Sunday, September 3 – +100% Bonus Crafting & Gathering 
  • Friday, September 8 to Sunday, September 10 – +100% Bonus AP Gained

 See you in game!

[Update] Server Consolidation - Early October

As previously stated in our last few Producer’s Letter, we will be consolidating servers in early October, 2017 to unify our current population.

The consolidation is as follows:



Siel, Beritra

To be Named

Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat

To be Named


We have not determined names for these two servers, and you can help us pick names by following our guidelines and suggesting names here!              

Server Transfer Service

We have updated our FAQ with the the most updated information on the server transfer service which you can find here.

Housing Auction

Housing auctions will be suspended two weeks before the merging date. Houses mid-auction will return to the selling player, and players will be able to continue to retain and use their house until the server consolidation. After the consolidation, any player that had a house previously will lose it, and players will receive the Kinah price they paid for their home + 4 weeks of maintenance fees.  For clarity, when we talk about “Houses” here, we mean any non-instanced housing – House, Mansion, Estate and Palace.

Housing auctions will be opened in October.

Character Name Change & Legion Name Change

Character Name Change and Legion Name Change Tickets will be temporarily unavailable starting on September 13. The fewer last minute changes made to our database, the lower the likelihood of issues during the consolidation. For details regarding character names after the consolidation, please refer to our FAQ here.

Character Name Change and Legion Name Change Tickets will be available again in October.

Be sure you make your server name suggestions here and check out FAQ for the answers to popular questions regarding the consolidation. 

Secrets of the Ancients


Mysterious monsters have invaded Atreia through a rift in time. The Ancient King Ramsus and his wife, Queen Shepsut, need your help to return them back to where they belong. Hefty prizes and EXP rewards are up for grabs for helping the Ancient royalty return to their time.

How To Participate

Ramsus is worried the monsters that accompanied him through the rift will cause great harm to the Daevas in Atreia, and has asked for your assistance in capturing their spirits in Ancient Shards so they can be sealed away once more.

Ramsus, Shepsut, and Shuphinx can all be found in the capital cities, and they all offer various quests which will reward you. Ramsus, the Ancient King, offers a repeatable quest; in exchange for (1) Ancient Shard, Rasmus will give you an Ancient Relic, a box containing various prizes. Shepsut, his wife, offers two quests for you, which grant EXP in exchange for your Ancient Shards. Finally, Shuphinx offers another two quests.

For 15 Ancient Shards, you can exchange them for one Ancient Insignia. One Insignia can be purchased per day from Shuphinx. If you collect 14 Ancient Insignias, you can turn them in to Shuphinx for a Divine Relic, which contains valuable items. Shuphinx also offers a weekly quest that grants three mysterious puzzle boxes. Defeating various Instance bosses will give you the keys required to solve the puzzles, which will grant an Ancient Shard plus a random Puzzle Box or prize bundle. You will also earn one Key Bundle every 30 minutes up to six per day.

Each day from 7PM till 9PM server time, the evil Yanubis will appear with his minions in Norsvold and Iluma. Yanubis will grant players an Ancient Shard as well as experience when defeated. Yanubis will respawn periodically during his spawn period.

Ancient Shards can also be found by completing dungeons  Additional Ancient Shards and Ancient Keys can be purchased from the store.


You can find a list of all rewards and instances on our new forums here.


Help the Ancient King and Queen seal the monsters before they are forced home. Event ends on August 30, 2017.

Limited Time Costume Rotation



Gourmet Coat




Gourmet Beret

Gourmet Fluted Topper




Busy Bee

Busy Bee Antennae


We will also be rotating out a few old costumes so visit the in-game shop or web store here to see all the limited time items. Sale ends August 18, 2017.

Weekly Server Maintenance - August 2, 2017, 6:00 AM Central


There will be a scheduled game update Wednesday, August 2, 2017 from 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

- Changes -

  1. Routine website and server maintenance.
  2. Homeward Bound will continue for one more week.
  3. Celestial Guard missing PvP stats will be fixed.
  4. Contaminated Underpath rank requirements will be changed.
  5. Various text and localization issues will be fixed.

Be sure to follow @L2andAionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your patience!

Unscheduled Server Maintenance - July 27, 2017, 12:00 PM Central Time


There will be an unscheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Thursday, July 27, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

- Changes -

  1. An issue with season ranking UI not displaying properly will be fixed.

Be sure to follow @L2andAionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience!