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Power Up Week Is Coming May 30


Greeting Daevas!

Next week after the May 30 maintenance, some grandiose buffs will be applied to the servers for one week deemed Power Up Week. These buffs will help you greatly when enhancing various items:

  • Failing to enchant a Stigma will result in a decrease of one enchantment level rather than the destruction of the item
  • Failing to temper accessories will result in the decrease of one tempering level rather than the destruction of the item
  • Failing to enchant Essence Cores will result in the decrease of one enchantment level if using Omega Enchantment Stones rather than the destruction of the item

Full Power Up Week details will be available next week.


Secret of the Ancients Returns


The Ancient King Ramsus and his wife Queen Shepsut have returned to the world of Atreia. With them have arrived mysterious monsters that threaten all inhabitants of Atreia. Help them return the monsters to their time, and get rewarded with EXP and fabulous prizes.

How To Participate

Ramsus is worried the monsters that accompanied him through the rift will cause great harm to the Daevas in Atreia, and has asked for your assistance in capturing their spirits in Ancient Shards so they can be sealed away once more.

Ramsus, Shepsut, and Shuphinx can all be found in the capital cities, and they all offer various quests which will reward you. Ramsus, the Ancient King, offers a repeatable quest; in exchange for (1) Ancient Shard, Rasmus will give you an Ancient Relic, a box containing various prizes. Shepsut, his wife, offers two quests for you, which grant EXP in exchange for your Ancient Shards. Finally, Shuphinx offers another two quests.

For 15 Ancient Shards, you can exchange them for one Ancient Insignia. One Insignia can be purchased per day from Shuphinx. If you collect 14 Ancient Insignias, you can turn them in to Shuphinx for a Divine Relic, which contains valuable items. Shuphinx also offers a weekly quest that grants three mysterious puzzle boxes. Defeating various Instance bosses will give you the keys required to solve the puzzles, which will grant an Ancient Shard plus a random Puzzle Box or prize bundle. You will also earn one Key Bundle every 30 minutes up to six per day.

Each day from 7PM till 10PM server time, the evil Yanubis will appear with his minions in Norsvold and Iluma. Yanubis will grant players an Ancient Shard as well as experience when defeated. Yanubis will respawn periodically during his spawn period.

Ancient Shards can also be found by completing dungeons  Additional Ancient Shards and Ancient Keys can be purchased from the store.


You can find a list of all rewards and instances on the forums here.


Help the Ancient King and Queen seal the monsters before they are forced home. Event ends on June 6, 2018.

NCSOFT Privacy Policy Updates


To better enhance the privacy rights of all NCSOFT account holders, we are updating the NCSOFT Privacy Policy.  This update addresses the new requirements set forth by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on May 25, 2018.

With this update, we’ll be able to offer an even greater focus on data protection, privacy, and an increase in transparency to help you understand how your data is handled. You can view our updated Privacy Policy here.

We encourage you to take a moment to read and review the updated NCSOFT Privacy Policy to better understand how your data is collected, shared and used by NCSOFT.

Leave Your Legacy: Costume Design Contest


As Daevas our legacy must be preserved. We fight to protect our home; we fight to finally win the war that waged for eons. Today, a new opportunity has presented itself –one Daeva will forever be immortalized in our Leave Your Legacy: Costume Design Contest.

Costumes in Aion have always been a critical part of our personal identity and shape the way the game is enjoyed by all. From now until May 27, 2018 you can submit your costume design entry for a chance to have your costume developed and added to Aion.

All designs will be judged based off originality, creativity, and how the design aesthetically fits into the world of Aion; not as much on the artistic ability of the artist. There has been a wide range of costumes available in Aion from the deadliest monster’s skin to a relaxing summer dress so there should be no shortage of inspiration.  Be sure to include a hair accessory design along with front and back costume design for both male and female.

How to Participate

  1. Submit a hand or digitally-drawn original costume design and hair accessory concept.

  2. Designs must be submitted to with the following details:

    1. Character Name and Server

    2. Short description of the design and its inspiration

    3. File format must be .jpg or .png at a reasonable size

    4. Email body must include:  This email is submitted as an entry in the Aion “Leave Your Legacy: Costume Design Contest."

  3. Submission period will be from May 3, 2018 until May 27, 2018.

  4. Judging will be done by the Aion team with the winners announced on June 4, 2018.


Only one winning design will crowned the Grand Prize winner, and have their concept developed and added to Aion. We recognize our community is extremely talented and five honorable mentions will be recognized as Runner Up winners.  

  1. Grand Prize – 150 Luna and (5) costume skins of their design

  2. (5) Runner Up – 50 Luna

Click here for the full official contest rules. Good luck, Daevas! We look forward to legacy you chose to design!

New Items in the Prestige Society Vending Machine


We’ve added new items to the Prestige Society Vending Machine. On top of the usual favorites, Prestige Pack subscribers can use their Prestige Coins for Minium, +7 Manastone Bundles, the exclusive Scooter mount, and more.

Also, starting today subscribers can enjoy the following new Prestige Pack benefits:

  • 50% bonus XP with the Lucky Hands buff
  • Updated items in the Prestige Case


All current subscribers will receive the new benefits immediately.  If you’re not subscribed, you can today! Visit our Prestige Pack store page for complete details.


Kromede's Revenge 2018


As the weather warms it's time to turn up the heat even more with Kromede's Revenge. The doors of the Smoldering Fire Temple have opened again! Enter and defeat Kromede to see what treasures she's hiding.


- How to Participate -

In the capital cities of Pandaemonium and Sanctum, you can find Annaerunerk willing to transport you and your party (max of three players total) to the Smoldering Fire Temple for levels 40+. The event instance is available for free once per day and you can unlock additional entries with the Smoldering Fire Temple Bonus Entry Scrolls on the store. When you enter the instance, you will find three adventurers named Irish, Shine, and Stomper. Each adventurer have unique abilities that can only be used in the instance so be sure to decide among your party who will choose who. At the beginning of the instance you will also find a Potion Chest that will give you consumables you can use during your exploration. 

Proceed through the Smoldering Fire Temple, then defeat as many waves of monsters including the boss, Kromede, as you can in the allotted time for points. After eight minutes, you will be given a grade based on your group’s points which will determine how many Smoldering Fire Temple Treasure Chest Keys you obtain. You can use the one key to open the Elegant Treasure Chest or use three keys to open Dazzling Treasure Chest. You have a chance of receiving an Elite Treasure Chest from both the Dazzling and Elegant Chests. Combine it with an Elite Treasure Key, which is available from the store for even greater prizes! Elite Treasure Keys can also be used to open the Elegant Treasure Chest and the Dazzling Treasure Chest. Treasure Chests do not disappear when you leave the instance, however the Smoldering Fire Temple Treasure Chest Keys you obtain will!

You can find Elite Treasure Keys as well as Smoldering Fire Temple Bonus Entry Scrolls, as well as bundles on the store.

- Rewards -

You can find the full list of items available on our forums here.

Hurry and explore the Smoldering Fire Temple while you still have time! Annaerunerk will only be around to send you there until May 23, 2018. 

Housing Store Update - April 25, 2018


As the weather is warming up it’s time to open your windows and let the warm breeze flow through the house. Available now on the store until May 23, 2018 you’ll be able to pick up this brand new Breezy Furniture set.

There’s a large list of items available so take a look below for everything being offered!

Breezy Window


Breezy Wallpaper


Breezy Tea Set


Breezy Square Table


Breezy Square Rug


Breezy Sofa


Breezy Prototype Table


Breezy Pie


Breezy Lantern


Breezy Kitchen Sink


Breezy Kitchen Drawer


Breezy Floor Lamp


Breezy Floor


Breezy Cupboard


Breezy Chair


Breezy Bed


Visit the store here or the in-game store to pick up these items available now!