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Eye on Community 12.18.09

Gere of Marchutan asks:

"I've seen the argument floating around the forums that there are only 8 debuff slots available on an enemy/mob, which causes debuffs to be "pushed off" as new debuffs are applied during a fight. Is it true that there are only 8 debuff slots total, or are there more but we can only view the most recent 8 debuffs?"

We see this question a lot. The answer is simple, but the reasoning behind it is part of the complex design philosophy in Aion that adds overall difficulty to a fight and helps separate the strong from the weak in tactical play.

Server Downtime 3:30 a.m. PST, December 17, 2009

We are bringing the Aion servers down at 3:30 a.m. PST, December 17, 2009 (more)

Downtime is estimated to take no longer than 3 hours.

Thank you for your patience!

—The Aion Community Team

Weekly Server Maintenance Delayed

Greetings Daevas,

Traditionally we've held our weekly regular server maintenance on Wednesdays, but this week will be slightly different. With this change we wanted to give you an update regarding what we have planned for this week. In order to limit the amount of server downtime you experience, we've decided to delay our weekly server maintenance until the end of this week. We will then synchronize the maintenance with the release of our latest patch, which will include the Solorius Festival, our first double experience weekend, and a few additional gameplay changes.

Upcoming Double Experience Weekends

Greetings, Daevas!

We've heard your feedback that the experience curve can be steep in certain levels of Aion, and over the last couple of weeks, we've been evaluating how we want to address this issue to provide for smoother character progression. While we're committed to providing a permanent solution, our long-term plans require development time. As part of that process, we are implementing a temporary enhancement so that you can feel immediate benefits that we're excited to be rolling out this weekend.

The Solorius Festival - 2009-12-12

Hear ye! Hear ye! All of Atreia's inhabitants are invited to join in the Solorius Festival, a monumental celebration to honor the previous year's ascended Daevas and their service to humanity.

The Solorius Festival is not only one of the year's most anticipated events, but also one of the oldest. Its origin dates back to before the Cataclysm. It is a festival of communion, sharing, and appreciation. Wealth and status are set aside each year as families make diligent preparations in advance to honor the ascended. Many Atreians travel to a capital city to immerse themselves in the festivities.

Eye on Community 12.11.09

Hashmeer on [West]Kaisinel asks:

"We've heard rumors of a Christmas Event! Hopefully it will be better than Harvest Revel?"

You bet it will be better! We're excited about this year's Christmas event, one that we're calling the Solorius festival. The Holiday is a day to honor all the Daevas who ascended over the last year, and more broadly to honor Daevas for their service to humanity. The holiday actually goes way back in the game's lore, predating the Cataclysm. Now both hemispheres celebrate it in more or less the same way.

Many things will be happening. You will want to watch out for Santa Shugo for the chance to buy some Holiday themed items (go capitalism!) and if you get hungry during the festival you can always visit the bakery for a slice of cake. Of course no cake would be complete without some Victory Nectar to wash it down.

Server Downtime 3:00 a.m. PST, December 9, 2009

We are bringing the Aion servers down at 3:00 a.m. PST, December 9, 2009 (more) for a quick update.

Patch Notes for
- Fixed problems with the character image not being displayed correctly with lower graphics settings

Downtime is estimated to take no longer than 3 hours.

Thank you for your patience!