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Preload Aion 1.9 Now!

Greetings Daevas,

The much anticipated 1.9 update for Aion will be making its way to our live servers next Wednesday, June 2, 2010. You can already prepare for this by preloading the patch and have it ready for installation on launch day!

Your NCSOFT Launcher will now begin to incrementally download the update over the next couple of days leading up to launch.

If you want to try 1.9 already and help us test it, why don't you give the public test server a try? While 1.9 will not be available on the live servers before June 2, the PTS has it running already!

The More You MMO #3: Earn Your Power

The lure of instant gratification is tempting. You may see an advertisement to buy a character from someone (or some company) online instead of putting in the work to level the character yourself. However, buying a premade character isn't the route to instant "uber-pwns" that you think it is.

When you buy a character, you could be buying a character created by a RMT company or a power-leveling service. Not only could your security be compromised by dealing with these companies, the link your character has to these companies will lead to your account being eventually banned. Even worse, your character could have been a character stolen from another player who has been hacked.

We've teamed up again with Rooster Teeth to bring you a depiction of the impact you have on your teammates when you buy a character online. Remember, you have to earn your powers to learn your powers.

PTS 1.9 Game Update 07:00 a.m. PDT, May 25, 2010

We are bringing the Aion Public Test Servers down at 07:00 a.m. PDT today, May 25, 2010 for maintenance.

The PTS servers will during this maintenance be patched to version 1.9, and we estimate this process to take around 3 hours.

You can already download the patch in your NCSOFT Launcher by double-clicking the AionPTS entry. It should automatically detect that a patch is available and attempt to download it. If you experience issues or have questions, head on over to the official PTS forums!

See you there!

Important: Please keep in mind that the Aion Public Tester Servers are meant for testing new patches and game additions, and in that they are not suitable for main characters.

Server Maintenance 3:30 a.m. PDT, May 26, 2010

Greetings Daevas,

We are bringing the Aion servers down at 3:30 a.m. PDT, May 26, 2010 (more) for maintenance.

The maintenance is estimated to take no longer than 3 hours.

Thank you for your patience!

—The Aion Community Team

Eye on Community 05.21.2010

Greetings Daevas,

It's been an exciting week here at NCSOFT! Many of you have probably already seen the letter from our producer, Chris "Kinslon" Hager. In the letter, Chris gets down to business releasing the live date for v1.9, a general timeframe for 2.0, and brief tidbits about our plans for server transfers and server merges. If you haven't yet read it, I'd encourage you to do so!

For those of you playing on the PTS, you've probably noticed that we've begun to make sections of 1.9 available for incremental patching. Many of you have asked us why we've begun to release pieces of the patch in the PTS, and the answer is simple: your convenience. Because of the sheer size of this update, we wanted to make it easy for our players to download the update. We plan to use the same patching strategy on the live servers, and you can expect to see that begin sometime next week.

Suthran Divine Fortress Siege Interview

The Divine Fortress was conquered by the Elyos on Suthran (a French server) on Saturday April 24, 2010. After two hours of fierce battle, the Elyos army defeated the Balaur, and Suthran completed this achievement, becoming the first server in the West to do so. Arathaur, our French community manager, sat down with the main raid leaders to learn more about the strategy they used and their reactions when Ereshkigal's Claw was slain. Those interviewed here (and their respective Legions) are Forga (Origine), Falkynn (Origine), Ansea (Origine), Madacik (Millenium), Lolaa (Option), Nagora (BabyBoyZ), and Selket (Midgard).

Double Experience Weekend Valediction

Greetings Daevas,

When we announced that we were going to begin double experience weekends back in December, we mentioned that doing so was a temporary solution for an issue that we had plans to solve in the long term. With the 1.9 update hitting the live servers on June 2, we feel we can increase the rarity of these events. It's important to point out that double experience weekends are not disappearing completely; we still plan to run these event weekends, though less frequently going forward.