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Giveaway: Exclusive pets from Alienware and!

Everyone loves a sidekick, and our friends at Alienware and are giving away keys for some cool pets!

Alienware is giving away codes for a random, exclusive Worg of the Dead or Flame Bogel pet. This fierce, undead wolf or fiery phoenix will loot items from defeated enemies, so they're quite handy in battle! is giving away three exclusive pets, one per week, starting this week with the Crewcut Fungie! This cute little blue mushroom acts like a powerful radar, warning you when it detects enemies! You can stop by today for the Crewcut Fungie, and be sure to check back for the next two exclusive pets!

With all these pets, you're sure to have your choice of pet to explore Atreia with!

Introducing the Atreian Atlas!

Introducing the Atreian Atlas, your personalized guide to progressing through Aion! The Atreian Atlas grants rewards for finishing the missions laid out in the personalized journey of each of your Aion characters, and includes video strategy guides to help you on your way through Atreia!

With a progress checklist, detailed video guides, and rewards both earned and hidden, your leveling experience has never been easier! Log onto the Atreian Atlas today!

PCGamer takes a look at the new Map Drawing Tool!

Have you checked out the new Drawing Tool function? This allows you to draw and strategize on the map, then save and share it with other players! Plot out battle tactics, mark waypoints for new players as a mentor, or just scribble some notes!

PCGamer takes a closer look at this feature here!

Aion: Ascension — Now live!

Greetings Daevas!

The day you have been waiting for is here! Aion: Ascension is now live! If you pre-ordered items, they are waiting in your mailbox!

The Atreian Atlas is also now live! Make sure to check out the Atlas and claim the rewards there when you complete missions!

Complete Patch Notes available here!

Server Maintenance 5 a.m. Central Time, April 11, 2012

We will be bringing the Aion servers down for maintenance at 5:00 a.m. Central Time, April 11, 2012.

The maintenance is expected to complete at 3:00 p.m. Central Time.

The Aion website and forums will also undergo maintenance tomorrow, and will be unavailable from 5:00 a.m. Central Time to 4:00 p.m. Central Time, as the web team completes necessary updates.

Any updates to the schedule will be posted via our Facebook and Twitter; be sure to like/follow us for up-to-the-minute info!

Thank you for your patience during this maintenance period!

Prepare for war! Requisition your supplies now!

There are just a few days left for Daevas to pre-purchase items from the new Black Cloud Marketplace! These items will be delivered via express mail on April 11th when Aion: Ascension launches!

If you purchase a large C.U.B.E. from the store, you will additionally receive bonus items! This will be an ongoing feature of the large C.U.B.E. The bonus items currently are:

  • Alluring Box — open this box to get a surprise gift! A relic? A medal? Some edible goodies? Who knows what tempting treats you might find in this box?
  • Chocolate Enchantment Stone Box — this box will delight you will 2 enchantment stones levels 80 to 89!
  • OK Manastone Box - A whole stack of lovely manastones awaits you inside this box, enough that even the unluckiest socketer can get their just reward. This box gives one set of the following: Attack (x70), +5 Attack (x10), +17 Crit (x40), +27 M.Boost (x50),+14 M.Resist(x40)

These 3 bonus items will be part of our regular bonuses for purchasing the large cube this month. The bonus items will change periodically — we will let you know when they update to awesome new stuff!!

Click here to read more details - including about the extra special bonus of the Tahabata weapon - available only until 3.0 launches!

Outbreak of War Starts Tomorrow!

Greetings Daevas!

Starting tomorrow grab your potions and scrolls and get ready for the Outbreak of War event!
From April 11 to April 25, players can wage war more often with reduced cooldowns for ten of the most popular instances, including Esoterrace and Udas!

Be sure to look forward to the weekends of April 13 and April 20, when kinah, item drops, AP (PvE), and crafting XP will be boosted 20%! Durring these weekends will be an ideal time to race to that new level cap of 60 and try out the new instances to get some of that new gear!

Click here for more details