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Maintenance October 17

There will be a scheduled maintenance tomorrow, October 17, from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time. Additionally, website login functions will be down from 5:30 AM to 2:00 PM Central Time, due to optional NC Account migration opening. The website will be available to browse, however players will be unable to log in. (Read more about NC Account migration here)

Thank you for your patience during this maintenance.

Voluntary NC Account migration begins October 17

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, October 17, players can opt to migrate their current NCSOFT Master Account for Aion and Lineage II to a NC Account. Instead of managing your Aion and Lineage II account from your NCSOFT Master Account, you will be able to manage one activated Aion game account and one activated Lineage II account from your NC Account.

Why migrate to an NC Account? NC Accounts allow players to manage their Aion and L2 game accounts with a single email, which you will be able to change for added security—no more static account name! NC Accounts also share a wallet for NCoin, meaning that any NCoin you purchase can be used between your Aion and L2 accounts!

Please note that migration to an NC Account is currently optional; you do not need to migrate right now if you do not wish to do so. Also note that all features and items currently applied to your Aion and L2 games will remain intact on your accounts; however, any items that have not yet been applied will not be migrated. The NC Account item distribution system functions differently than the NCSOFT Master Account item distribution system, therefore any unapplied items, including account-wide items, will be lost if you migrate. If you have any unapplied or account-wide items, we strongly recommend that you do not migrate at this time.

You can find the full NC Account FAQ here.

World premiere: Ninja gear available first on North American servers!

Enter the Shadow Wraiths! Now you can harness the ultimate power of a ninja with these new skins developed specifically for Aion NA! Stalk your opponents in Shadow Wraith Armor, skulk the Adma Sewers in a Shadow Wraith Gi, or just flip out and slice enemies to pieces with your katana! (Because that's what ninjas do!)

Featuring two new outfits and ten weapon skins, the exclusive Shadow Wraith gear will be available on the Black Cloud Marketplace on October 17!

Catch a glimpse of the new gear below, and hit Massively for even more shots! These might be the only looks you get, because a ninja is only seen when they want to be…

(Click to enlarge)

Aion 3.5: Tiamat's Ruin is now live!

Aion 3.5: Tiamat's Ruin is now live! We hope everyone's enjoying the wealth of new content, events, and gear in this update!

There are some known issues in this update that we are working to address as quickly as possible. Click "Read more" to read about these issues. We thank you for your patience, and enjoy Tiamat's Ruin!

Black Cloud Marketplace update coming with 3.5, October 10!

Along with the 3.5 update tomorrow, the Black Cloud Marketplace will also introduce new items! Click "Read More" for a look at new mounts, new scrolls, and a brand new, limited-time-only item, coming with tomorrow's 3.5 update!

10/10 maintenance: 3.5 is coming! Birthday events ending, new 3.5 events beginning!

Tomorrow is the long-awaited 3.5 update, bringing new content, new events, and new items in the Black Cloud Marketplace!

Maintenance begins tomorrow, Wednesday, October 10, at 5:30 AM Central Time, and is scheduled to end at 11:30 AM Central Time. The 3.5 update filesize is 1.5 GB.

3rd Birthday Events—Daeva for Daeva's Day, Birthday Boom, Birthday Banquet, and Empyrean Lord Crystals—will end tomorrow with the maintenance, so be sure to do these events while you can! (Be sure to spend those Empyrean Lord's Crystals, as the NPCs will be removed after the maintenance period!)

Three new 3.5 events will be beginning following the maintenance:
  • Tiamat's Treasure Hunter
    Collect and combine 5 elemental fragments to earn Tiamat Treasure Chests that can contain valuable rewards!

  • Tiamat's Slayer
    Be the first alliance to defeat Tiamat to win an exclusive prestige title! Share your alliance's battle tactics with the community to win another exclusive title, or even your choice of an Eternal Tiamat weapon!

  • Power of the Rings
    For two weeks, we're giving away a set of two special Eternal Rings on every 30th enchantment stone bundle purchase!
Tiamat's ruin will be upon her tomorrow! Get ready for Aion 3.5!

Face the Dragon Lord in the Tiamat Slayer Event!

Everything you have faced thus far has been building to a final showdown with Tiamat. Within the Dragon Lord's Sanctuary, a new 12-person-alliance instance coming in 3.5, players' skills will be tested to the limit as they face the mighty Balaur Lord!

Defeating Tiamat will be no easy feat, but those who manage to accomplish the task may walk away rewarded in the Tiamat Slayer Event! Click "Read More" for full details on this two-part event!