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New 4.0 instances!

Aion 4.0 brings new instances to brave and new challenges to master! Let's take a look at four brand new instances players will tackle in Aion 4.0! Please note that the names of regions, instances, and characters are subject to change.

Fortress Reward instance


Aion 4.0 will introduce a new style of fortress siege in the 'Katalam' region. 'Katalam' fortresses have unique terrain such as mountains, plains, even fortresses where flight control will be very important. Unlike established conventions, there is also a solo instance!

Time limits and AP gains for these new instances will be similar to current instances. Legions that take the fortresses will get "special versions" of the instances where better rewards are offered.

'Underground Katalam'


Underneath 'Katalam' lies a complex underground cavern that spans the northern and southern areas of the region. There are many ways down into this labyrinthine expanse, but owning fortresses may make moving through this maze easier!


Somewhere in this area lies a large corridor that runs underneath 'Katalam' and leads to the 12-person raid dungeon 'Katalamize,' which you may remember from our 4.0 Gear preview! The corridor is also the path to 'Lunadium,' what will surely become the top instance for Level 65 Daevas!


An ancient weapon capable of great destruction lies beneath 'Katalam.' This weapon, 'Hyperion,' was created by the mysterious 'Rune' race, and players must destroy it before Beritra gets his hands on it! 'Hyperion' will be the strongest boss of Aion 4.0, so players will need to be very organized in order to defeat it! (We heard that Templars are going to be important in this fight!)



A tragic tale will unfold before players in 'Lunadium,' home of the witch 'Grendal.' 'Grendal' had a lover who died; unable to bear the loss, she wove a spell of necromancy to save her lover, but in doing so cursed herself.


'Grendal' assaults players within a confined area with five different attacks; moving outside the area causes instant death, so careful movement and precise timing are essential! There is a time limit to this fight: 'Grendal' must be defeated before she becomes enraged!

'Lunadium' will be the instance where players can receive crafting materials, new weapons, and new gear. Players can receive class-specific items, but the bonus stats are random, so you need luck to get the best ones!

Prepare yourselves for these instances, Daevas--they're going to be tough!

New gear for the Solorius holiday in the Black Cloud Marketplace!


There's a bountiful bunch of new gear available in the Black Cloud Marketplace, just in time for Solorius! Give yourself the gift of Composite Manastones, Wing Skins, Elite Enchantment Bundles, and seasonal Solorius items! There's a lot to stuff your stockings and put under the Solorius tree this season, so check the Black Cloud Marketplace tomorrow, Wednesday, December 12!

Scheduled maintenance Wednesday, December 12

There will be a scheduled maintenance tomorrow, Wednesday, December 12 from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time. This maintenance will bring some festive cheer to Atreia, and a Black Cloud Marketplace update you won't want to miss!

Celebrate Solorius Season!

The holiday season is here and we're celebrating with Solorius quests and rewards!

Beginning December 12, 2012, to January 2, 2013, players can find holiday quest-givers Lenatinerk in the main plazas of Sanctum and Pandaemonium, and Smootinerk in Oriel Plaza (Oriel) and Pernon Plaza (Pernon). 

Kill Granker King

Band together with a group of allies and defeat the Granker King to receive treasure chests filled with holiday goodies! The Granker King will spawn in the main housing zones of each capital city. Slay him to receive one of many possible prizes, including Lentinerk's Gift Box (could contain Lucky Wings, a Godstone, a Shugo Lass egg, dyes, or housing decor!); a Solorius tree for your home; or Solorius wallpaper to put you in the holiday spirit!

Capture Grankers

Speak to Lenatinerk in Sanctum or Pandaemonium, or Smootinerk in Oriel and Pernon to accept this quest. Grankers will spawn in locations all around the housing zones. Kill them to earn quest items, then deliver the quest items back to Smootinerk or Lenatinerk. You will be rewarded 5 Solorius Coins for getting rid of the grankers!

Capture Grankers

Lazy Shugo deliverymen are goofing off in the housing areas! Lenatinerk and Smootinerk need you to get them moving, so smack them around until they get back to their leader in the central plaza! Players will receive 4 Solorius Coins for motivating these sluggish Shugos!


Using your Solorius Coins, you can purchase the following rewards:


Please note some items may only be purchased a certain numbers of times, while other items you may purchase as many times as you like.

Enjoy the Solorius holiday events, Daevas!


Massive preview of new gear coming in Aion 4.0!

Greetings, Daevas! Tons of new items are being added in the 4.0 update, so without further ado let's take a look!

Beritra Set

Shadowy Dragon Lord Beritra, master of Darkness and Chaos, gets an inspired armor set in Aion 4.0! To match Beritra's style, there's a chilling element to these designs, yet they are undoubtedly stylish--even sexy! You'll notice the male and female "Gunners" are wearing the Beritra Set from their earlier concept art, and now we get a look at all the armor types, including both male and female "Bards!"

(Click to enlarge)



Every Daeva's goal: 65 Abyss items

New level 65 Abyss gear can be earned through Abyss points and medals! A new type of medal,Ceramium, is introduced through Katalam Forts and quests! Check out the new Guardian / Archon Governor Set! 


A challenge for expert crafters: special crafted items!

In Aion 4.0, you can add special materials to normal crafted gear to make special crafted gear! Players will also be able to craft gear with PvP stats!



Top PvE items

A new high-level instance called "Katalamize" will yield "Hyperion" PvE gear! This instance is in a secluded area and will be difficult to get to; expect a challenge if you want to wear the Hyperion Set!


Special weapon skins

There are always unique skins available with every major update, and 4.0 is no exception! Here's a look at two special appearance skins, the flowery Steel Rose Pirate Set, and steampunk-esque Ancient Katalam Set!



We hope you enjoyed this look at upcoming gear in Aion 4.0! Stay tuned for more info on this major update!





Aion 3.7 patch notes

Aion 3.7 is live, with new features such as a quest item-only cube, the ability to reskin your wings, a new AP instance, and composite manastones which confer multiple bonuses! You can read the full 3.7 patch notes in PDF format here. Have fun with Aion 3.7, Daevas!

Extended maintenance Wednesday, December 5

We will have an extended maintenance period this week to bring you the Aion 3.7 update! As an added bonus, we will be raising the level cap on the Fast Track Server to 55! Maintenance will begin on Wednesday, December 5, from 5:30AM to 11:00AM CST.

Make sure to turn in your Fortune's Favor event Fortune Cards before the maintenance, and give the Wheel of Fortunerk a fond farewell by giving it another spin!