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Server Maintenance, Wednesday, February 6, 2013

There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, February 6, from 5:30 AM to 9:30 AM Central Time. Thank you for your patience during this maintenance period. During this period, block lists will be cleared and queued server transfers will take effect!

A few changes will be made during maintenance.

  • Drop rate of Combat Lockboxes and Combat Lockbox Keys will increase.
  • Combat Lockboxes will begin dropping in:
    • Tiamaranta's Eye
    • Terath Dredgion
    • Hexway
    • Tiamat Stronghold
    • Satra Treasure Hold

There will not be a store update tomorrow, but maintenace will occur for the store and it will be unavailable from 7-8am Central. Thank you for your patience!

Please Note! The surveys with a Combat Lockbox attached will expire at maintenance tomorrow. If you have not claimed your lockbox, you must do so before maintenance or it will be lost.

Battle of Siel Bundles Available This Weekend ONLY!


The Battle of Siel is being held today at 3:30PM Central. Be sure to check out the livestream of the tournament today at 1:30PM PST at!

The special sale will run from today until Monday February 4th and include the following 3 items:


Special Manastone Box I - 79 NCoin - Click Here for more details!

Special Manastone Box II - 110 NCoin - Click Here for more details!

The Battle of Siel Bundle - 640 NCoin - Click Here for more details!


The Battle of Siel Bundle can also be placed in the C.U.B.E! Don't miss out on your chance to get two Special Manastone Box II along with a Felicitous Socketing Supplement (Eternal) in this awesome bundle!

Leave Your Legacy: Songweaver' player-created design chosen!

Our talented players sent in their instrument designs for Aion's upcoming 'bard' class, the Songweaver, for a chance to have their design created as an in-game weapon in Aion 4.0! We received an orchestra's worth of amazing designs, but one really harmonized with the development team: the butterfly-inspired instrument by Sérgio Kishino, also known as Seey on the Tiamat server!

Click the image below to watch a video of the Songweaver's magic played through Sérgio's instrument!


We asked Sérgio more about his design and his character in Aion:

Aion: How long have you been playing Aion?

Sérgio: Tiamat server...I think 1 year.

What level is your sorcerer, Seey?

Level 60.

What was the inspiration for your design?

I had no internet (technical problems) from 12/24 to 12/29, so I decided to draw... @.@"

The 1st step was creating an outfit inspired by Guardian Commander + Kahrun (female cloth), with a blue butterfly and golden details. 2nd step, creating a weapon with same concept!

How excited were you to hear that your design had been chosen?

Unbelievable! Omg, Where are the cameras?! :O

Have you created any other Aion-related works?

Not yet, but it is a good idea! I do have one Kamel, from Lineage 2.


Congratulations again, Sérgio! Be sure to check out more of his work here! We hope everyone looks forward to seeing Sérgio's Songweaver weapon design, making its musical debut in Aion 4.0!

Introducing Combat Lockboxes!


Combat Lockboxes have arrived in Atreia! Enemies all over Atreia have a chance to drop these awesome treasure boxes. To open the box, you will need a key. You can acquire these keys from monsters, other players, or from the Black Cloud Marketplace. You will need to locate a key quickly, because these magical boxes disappear if not opened within 24 hours!

These treasure boxes will drop in most of your favorite hunting grounds above level 30. They also drop at a higher rate in most of the dungeons that you already love! Hunt for these boxes in your favorite dungeons this Wednesday!

Lockboxes are a permanent addition to the world of Atreia! These combat lockboxes will be available throughout the month of February, and look for new lockboxes in March and April! The lockboxes will rotate on a monthly basis, so you will always have more chances at these great items! Check out the list below to see what treasures can be unlocked from these Combat Lockboxes!


Patch Notes for Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A small patch was applied this morning. It includes bonuses to enchanting, changes to rift, arena, and seige times, several bug fixes and our new combat lockboxes!

Click here to see the full patch notes!

Extended Server Maintenance, Wednesday January 30, 2012

Weekly scheduled maintenance will occur tomorrow beginning at 5:30 am Central time. A small patch will be applied - patch notes will be available tomorrow morning.

The patch will require a slightly extended maintenance. We expect maintenance to conclude by 11:10am Central.

The store will also be updated at this time. The store is expected to be back up around 10am Central. Thank you for your patience!

New Beginnings New User

2013 is the year of new beginnings! Join us for the New Beginnings Event in Aion Ascension, beginning tomorrow, January 30, to February 16! New users get some awesome bonuses from the New Beginnings Event:

First, every 20 minutes that you are logged into game, you will receive an Ascension Crystal, up to a maximum of 12 per day. These can be used to purchase armor pieces, a weapon, or accessories that will put you on the fast-track to getting leveled up and geared up in game! These crystals will show up in your quest cube!

Additionally, new users will get the bonus of a 10% increased drop rate throughout the event. When joining a party, this drop rate applies to the whole party as well! Note – the effect does not stack so having additional new users in a group still results in a 10% increase.

Handy Tip for New Users! The 10% drop rate increase also increases the rate of white drops – which are often just considered “junk.” Be sure to head back to town and sell these otherwise unhelpful items to any vendor! It may not seem worth it at first, but trust me it adds up! If you faithfully sell all of your “junk” to a vendor, you won’t be a millionaire, but you’ll certainly have Kinah to buy things you need and want as you level! Be sure to check out the Fast Track Server, where you level twice as quickly as well!

All items are level 40 items with the exception of the Shrewd Tunic, Flash Jerkin, Mercy Hauberk, and Courageous Breastplate, which are level 30. The level 40 pieces are similar to level 40 PvP (Abyss) gear items. These are to help you get into the game and on your way to gearing up quickly! Remember that the event only lasts for 2 weeks so plan how you want to spend your Crystals wisely!