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Prestige Pack Recurring Subscription Change


The Prestige Pack recurring subscription has come to an end. As of September 17, new Prestige Pack subscriptions can no longer be purchased, and on October 3 all active auto-renewing payments will be cancelled — subscribers will no longer be automatically charged during the next renewal period after that date.

As long as your Prestige Pass is active, you can continue to use and redeem its benefits until the items’ time limit has expired. When it is time to renew your Prestige Pass, it will now be available for purchase in the store for 1,200 NCoin for a 30-day pass and 3,200 NCoin for a 90-day.

For additional information regarding the Prestige Pack recurring subscription changes, please read our FAQ below.


Q: My Prestige Pack renews after September 17 and before October 3, will I be charged?

A. If your renewal date is before October 3, you will be charged for the new month of your subscription. On October 3, we will cancel your auto-renewing payment so you won’t be charged for the subsequent month.

Q: I am working towards one of the monthly rewards. Will the cancellation not allow me to get the milestone rewards?

A: We will provide all active subscribers with rewards based on the month they were in, which include the next 6 month milestone reward. These rewards will be delivered via in-game mail. For example, if you’re on month 3 and working towards your 6 month reward, you will be delivered the 6 month reward via in-game mail along with the other rewards we provide.

Q: I have unclaimed Prestige Pack codes in my NCSOFT My Account page. What will happen to those?

Your unclaimed codes will remain available until you claim them or until they naturally expire at the end of their validity period, which is indicated on the code redemption page itself.

Q: Will you be deleting my Prestige Pack items once it’s cancelled?

A: No, items will not be deleted or removed from your inventory. You can continue to use the Pack and its items until you’ve used them all or the item reaches its expiration (i.e. Prestige Pass and Prestige Case).

Q: What is the different between the Prestige Pack and Prestige Pass?

The Prestige Pack contained the Prestige Pass, Prestige Case, and Lucky Scroll Pouch x5. Effective September 17, we are only offering the Prestige Pass in the store.

Q: What are the benefits of the Prestige Pass?

The Prestige Pass is used from your character’s inventory and provides the following benefits for a limited time:

  • Generates coins which can be exchanged for items at a special vendor
  • Allows access to special NPCs, buffs, and quests
  • Increases entry counts for end game instances
  • Provides a boost to fortress siege rewards
  • Provides other benefits to the user


The time remaining can be viewed on the Profile window à Account tab in-game.

Q: If I buy the Prestige Pass from the store, do I get the Prestige Case?

The Prestige Case will not be part of this iteration of the Prestige Pass.

Q: Will there be additional benefits to the Prestige Pass in the future?

Yes, there are plans to update the Prestige Pass to reflect the content in our next game update.


Please visit our community forums if you have any questions on the changes to the Prestige Pack.

Power Up Week Returns


Greetings Daevas!

Power Up Week has returned and will be running from September 19 to September 26. These server-wide buffs will greatly help when attempting to temper or enchant Essence Cores, Accessories, and Stigmas:

  1. Attempts to enchant a Stigma that are unsuccessful will only result in a decrease of one enchantment level rather than the destruction of the item
  2. Attempts to temper accessories (Hats, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, and Belts) that are unsuccessful will only result in the decrease of one tempering level rather than the destruction of the item
  3. Attempts to enchant Essence Cores that are unsuccessful will only result in the decrease of one enchantment level, if using Omega Enchantment Stones, rather than the destruction of the item

During Power Up Week you can restock on enchanting items on the web store or by visiting the in-game shop. Be quick though, Power Up Week will only be here for one week until September 26! Take advantage of these buffs before it’s too late.


Kromede's Revenge Returns


Kromede is back to celebrate Aion’s 9th Anniversary. Lurking inside of the Smoldering Fire Temple, you’ll need to grab two friends and infiltrate it to keep her sinister plans at bay.

- How to Participate -

In the capital cities of Pandaemonium and Sanctum, you can find Annaerunerk willing to transport you and your party (max of three players total) to the Smoldering Fire Temple for levels 40+. The event instance is available once per day but you can unlock additional entries with the Smoldering Fire Temple Bonus Entry Scrolls available for purchase on the store. Once inside, you will find three adventurers named Irish, Shine, and Stomper – each with their own unique abilities. At the beginning of the instance you will also find a Potion Chest that will give you consumables you can use during your exploration. 

Proceed through the Smoldering Fire Temple defeating monsters and Kromede for points. After eight minutes, you will be given a grade based on your group’s total points which will determine how many Smoldering Fire Temple Treasure Chest Keys you obtain. You can use one key to open the Elegant Treasure Chest or use three keys to open a Dazzling Treasure Chest. You have a chance of receiving an Elite Treasure Chest from both the Dazzling and Elegant Chests. Open it with an Elite Treasure Key, which is available from the store for even greater prizes! Elite Treasure Keys can also be used to open the Elegant Treasure Chest and the Dazzling Treasure Chest.

Note: Treasure Chests do not disappear when you leave the instance, however the Smoldering Fire Temple Treasure Chest Keys you obtain will!

You can find Elite Treasure Keys, Smoldering Fire Temple Bonus Entry Scrolls, as well as special bundles in the store.

- Rewards -

You can find the full list of available rewards on our forums here.

Hurry and explore the Smoldering Fire Temple while you still have time! Annaerunerk will only be around until October 3, 2018. 


Aion's 9th Anniversary Daeva's Day Events


Greetings Daevas,

This month Aion is celebrating its 9th Anniversary and we’ll be hosting some traditional and player-favorite events for all of September. Join us in these special events as we begin the celebration:

  • • Daeva’s Day Cake in Sanctum and Pandaemonium
  • • Kromede’s Revenge
  • • Anniversary Bonus Boosts

Daeva’s Day Cake – September 12 to October 3

The age-old tradition of larger-than-life cakes will be returning to the capital cities. Grabbing a slice of cake will grant you 100% bonus XP and a 20% bonus drop rate for 2 hours. Be sure to swing by on Aion’s special Daeva Day, September 22, to get a super-boosted cake buff granting 200% bonus XP and a 50% drop rate for 6 hours!  The cake boosts will stack with the server wide boosts as well.

Please note the cake boosts will not be granted if you have an active amulet or Lucky Hands boost.


Kromede’s Revenge – September 12 to October 3

Kromede’s Revenge will be returning for the celebration. Infiltrate the Smoldering Fire Temple with two of your best Daevas for sweet rewards.


Anniversary Bonus Boosts – September 19 to September 26

All the following boosts will be active on the servers:

  • • 300% XP
  • • 200% Drop Rate
  • • 200% Gathering XP
  • • 200% Crafting


Thank you for being part of the celebration. Here’s a toast to 9 years and many more to come!

The Alchemy Event Returns


The Suspicious Alchemists have returned to Atreia! Learn their ancient secrets to turn lead into special keys to unlock chests full of prizes. Turn lead into loot!

- Part One: Suspicious Alchemist -

Every day starting at 9:00am server time, see the Suspicious Alchemist NPC for a free [Event] Key Pouch which will contain either a Copper Key or a Gold Key.


event_copper-key.gif event_gold-key.gif

Copper Key

Gold Key

The Copper Key opens the Common Treasure Box and the Gold Key opens the larger Premium Treasure Box. Be sure to log in every day during the Alchemist Event and get your FREE Key Pouch!

- Part Two: Transmusting Keys -

Alchemist’s Pouches will be dropping from instance bosses. Use an Alchemist’s Pouch to obtain (1) [Event] Lead Fragment or (1) [Event] Alchemic Essence. Combining the two items will create an [Event] Key Pouch.






Lead Fragment


Alchemic Essence


Key Pouch

Treasure Chests can be found in Sanctum and Pandaemonium. You’ll be able to find The Treasured Alchemist's Pouch and Alchemic Essence available in the store

- Locations & Rewards -

Alchemist's Pouches can be found as a drop from instance bosses. Please visit our forums for the full instance and rewards list.


The Suspicious Alchemists will be leaving September 12. Take advantage of their magical abilities before they’re gone.