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Welcome Back! Returning Player Guide for Aion: Awakened Legacy


Aion: Awakened Legacy has a world of changes in store, and if you’re returning to Aion to see what’s new, we’ve got you covered. To quickly resettle into Aion, this guide is an easy-to-use handbook on the important changes that may impact you the most once you’ve re-logged into the game, regardless of your level.


The leveling path for new and existing characters will be changing substantially. If you’re making a new character you will start off in either Ishalgen or Poeta and experience a new story that progresses through an Atreia changed by Ereskigal’s wrath. Take note that some of the zones that you remember may no longer be accessible! The Fast-Track server has also been removed.

If you’re a returning user from Aion: Echoes of Eternity, the difficulty in leveling has been substantially reduced and will feel closer to previous versions of Aion. The focus is to quickly get you to the end levels and content.  Keep in mind that the level cap has now been increased to 80 as well.



Kinah and items as you know them are changing with the update. You will no longer be able to trade your Kinah to other players, or store it in your warehouse. A large number of items you’re familiar with will no longer be tradable or be able to be sold on the Trade Broker. However, items such as crafting materials, Manastones, skins, and more will still be able to be sold on the Trade Broker. Many everyday items, as well as some costumes and cosmetics, can be found at the new Golden Sand Traders shop.

After you log in, you may notice you have Gold Ingots, which were given to existing characters as part of the update due to economy and system changes. You can find more information about those changes here.

NCoin will also be replaced with the new Black Cloud Coin. Black Cloud Coin works the same as NCoin and even has the same value. For a limited time, you’ll be able to convert any NCoin you have (minimum of 10 NCoin required) into Black Cloud Coin after the update goes live. You can find more detailed information about Black Cloud Coin here.



With the update we will be introducing new grades of gear – Ancient, Legendary, and Ultimate. This new type of gear replaces the old grades (however any gear you owned before will still have the old grades).  This new gear is also split between PvE and PvP with each being earned in their own respective ways.

If you have heavily enchanted, end-game gear from the previous update, some of your current gear may be eligible to receive new gear automatically once the update is live. You can review the list of qualified items here. Completing the initial campaign quests in Lakrum will also provide you with new gear to get you started. The game difficulty has been balanced around the new gear, so switching over to new gear should be a high priority.


Manastones and Enchantment Stones

Manastones will function the same as they always have, however each piece of gear will now have up to three unlockable Manastone slots. Manastone Fasteners can be used for unlocking these slots and are earned throughout various aspects of the game, but most often via equipment extraction.

Enchanting is changing as well. Each piece of gear will now be marked as either PvE or PvP, and there’s new Enchantment Stones for each type. PvE Enchantment Stones will be obtainable through instances and drops or you can purchase them at either the Gold Sand Traders or Black Cloud Marketplace; while PvP Enchantment Stones can be found by testing your mettle in sieges, PvP Instances, and other PvP content.



Because of the large number of system changes and various other adjustments, many items you are familiar with will no longer be usable after the update. This large list of items includes many of the stat boosting scrolls, some consumables, old medals, and lots more. If you are in possession of any of these items upon logging into the game, you will be automatically prompted to sell them for Kinah or AP (depending on the item), which will result in them being removed from your inventory.



Sieges will no longer use the Coalition system and return to the usage of Contribution. Players will need to do their own recruiting for sieges so keep an eye on LFG for recruiting Leagues! The only two sieges will be Divine Fortress and the all-new Lakrum Fortress.



If you are returning to Atreia as an Archdeava, you will learn the bitter truth of what Ereshkigal has done.The Archdaeva advancement and related systems, such as Essence Points, Essence Cores, and Archdaeva Transformation systems, have been removed. Any Essence Cores you have above enchantment level 5 will be exchanged for Gold Ingots. Additionally, Archdaeva equipment that had a recommended level has been changed into normal equipment with a hard level requirement.


New Systems

With all of these changes, you may be wondering what’s systems were added with the update. Aion: Awakened Legacy will introduce a new transformation system that will let you transform into a powerful being for a short period of time, as wella new Cubics system that will provide you an opportunity to give your character permanent stat boost. 


Have a look at previous news articles we’ve published that go more in-depth on several of the topics discussed here:

  1. Economy

  2. Black Cloud Coin

  3. Item and System Changes

  4. Lakrum and New Instances

  5. Aion: Awakened Legacy Overview


There’s never been a more exciting time to return to the world of Atreia. If you’re left with questions or looking for more information, head over to our official forums and join the discussion here.


Aion: Awakened Legacy opens its door on October 24!

Aion: Awakened Legacy Economy Changes


The Aion: Awakened Legacy update is nearly upon us. We’ve previously discussed several item and system overhauls in our article here, and now we want to provide in-depth information on the upcoming economy changes as we make adjustments to Kinah, Luna, consumable items, and introduce a new token: Gold Ingots.

Kinah and Gold Ingots

With the upcoming economic changes in Aion: Awakened Legacy, it will be necessary to balance the existing in-game economy. To do so, some players who have amassed a lot of Kinah will automatically receive Gold Ingots, which will be converted using the following method:


  1. Kinah in your mailbox, inventory, and broker will be converted into Gold Ingots at a rate of 30,000,000 Kinah to 1 Gold Ingot. Gold Ingots will be delivered directly to your inventory.

  2. Any Kinah in the Legion Warehouse will be delivered to the Legion Brigade General before being converted to Gold Ingots.

  3. Kinah in the Account Warehouse will be converted into Gold Ingot Bundles at a rate of 30,000,000 Kinah to 1 Gold Ingot Bundle, each of which contains a single Gold Ingot. Gold Ingot Bundles will be delivered to the Account Warehouse, and can be passed through the Account Warehouse at will.

  4. The total Kinah you receive on your characters will be based on the amount of Gold Ingots converted from your original Kinah total. You will receive an average of 12,000,000 Kinah for every Gold Ingot converted. This is only calculated on Ingots earned from Kinah, not from Essence Cores or any other sources.

  5. For the Account Warehouse, you will receive 12 bundles of 1 million Kinah for each Gold Ingot Bundle. These will be deposited into the Account Warehouse, but can only be withdrawn once.

  6. The Kinah conversion is unique to our version of the game as each game region has different economies.

  7. Essence Cores will be converted into Gold Ingots based on their enchantment levels as follows.

    • +5 Essence Core = 11 Gold Ingots

    • +6 Essence Core = 15 Gold Ingots

    • +7 Essence Core = 23 Gold Ingots

    • +8 Essence Core = 31 Gold Ingots

    • +9 Essence Core = 47 Gold Ingots

    • +10 Essence Core = 80 Gold Ingots

  8. Essence Cores in the Account Warehouse are converted into an equivalent number of Gold Ingot Bundles.

  9. In addition to being converted to Kinah, Gold Ingots can also be spent in the Gold Sands Trader shop.

  10. Kinah will be untradeable between the Account Warehouse and with other players.



  1. Luna will be usable in many other areas of the game. Many of these new areas were previously accessible through items purchasable with NCoin, such as Bonus Entry Scrolls for instances.

  2. As part of this broader rebalancing of Luna, we will be matching the value of Luna to NCoin. Currently, the value is set to 10 Luna = 80 NCoin. After the update, the value will be 80 Luna = 80 NCoin.

  3. The prices of items in the Luna Shop will be rebalanced identically, as well as the amount of Luna from Luna Bundles in order to match it to NCoin. In short, value stays exactly the same.

  4. This applies to Luna already purchased and in players’ inventories, so players do not lose value in currency they have already purchased. The new Luna balance in players’ inventories will not be immediate -- it will be delivered 1 week after the game update as we need to collect the Luna totals for all players up until the maintenance.

  5. Luna purchased from the Black Cloud Marketplace or claimed from the mailbox after the update will have the new amounts.


Other Item Exchanges and Conversions

  1. Return scrolls for deleted zones will be converted into a scroll that lets you pick the destination. The conversion ratio will be 1:1.

  2. Instance scrolls for deleted instances will be converted into a scroll that lets you pick the instance. The conversion ratio will be 1:1.

  3. Discontinued stat scrolls will be converted into Legendary Transformation Potion Selection Boxes containing three potions of your choice. You will receive one box for 100 of the same stat scroll. The conversion ratio will be 100:1 for the following:

Greater Running Scroll (1 hour)

[Event/Static] Rx: Mojocycline

Greater Courage Scroll (1 hour)

Enduring Greater Raging Wind Scroll

Greater Awakening Scroll (1 hour)

[Prestige] Eternal Running Scroll

[Static] Major Crit Strike Scroll (1 hour)

Immortal Improved Crit Strike Increase Scroll

[Static] Major Crit Spell Scroll (1 hour)

Immortal Improved Magical Crit Strike Increase Scroll

[Event] Rx: Accelerox

[Event] Rx: Critozyne

[Event] Rx: Blitzopan

[Event] Rx: Mojocycline

[Event] Rx: Castafodin

[Event] Lucky Scroll Pouch

[Event/Static] Rx: Critozyne


  1. If you do not see the scrolls you own listed above, those scrolls will be automatically removed from your inventory when you log in after the update launch.

  2. Crafting Boosts and Instant experience potions (such as Secret Remedy of Growth and Jug of Liquid Experience) will be converted into a [Event] Tea of Repose – 100% Recovery. The conversion ratio will be 1:1 (you will receive one Experience Potion for every 100 Teas of Repose).

  3. Tempering Solutions and Omega Enchantment Stones can be exchanged via an NPC in the capital cities for an Enchantment Stone bundle—with a choice of PvE or PvP.


Be prepared! These changes will be going into effect in the Aion: Awakened Legacy update arriving on October 24!


Introducing Black Cloud Coin - Aion's New Premium Currency


Amongst the many in-game changes to systems planned for the Aion: Awakened Legacy update on October 24 is a transition to a new premium currency called Black Cloud Coin, which will replace NCoin as the currency to spend in the Black Cloud Marketplace.


Right now, you can continue to spend and purchase NCoin in the Black Cloud Marketplace on the website or in-game, but when Aion: Awakened Legacy launches on October 24, the game will exclusively use Black Cloud Coin for all premium purchases. After October 24, you will no longer be able to purchase NCoin on the Aion website--only Black Cloud Coin. The new currency functions exactly the same as NCoin, but will be exclusive to Aion. Other NCSOFT games will continue to use NCoin.

If you have an NCoin balance (with a minimum of 10 NCoin) that you want to spend on Aion after October 24, you will be able to convert it to Black Cloud Coin for a 1:1 ratio through the Black Cloud Marketplace in-game. The store will automatically detect if you have an NCoin balance and a window will pop up asking you to convert NCoin to Black Cloud Coin. The exchange service will be available for a few months so all players can adjust to the new currency. There are no plans to allow the conversion of Black Cloud Coin back into NCoin.



To learn more about Black Cloud Coin and other features in the Aion: Awakened Legacy update, we’ll be previewing the content during our livestream on Friday, October 19 at 11:00am PDT at See you then!

Aion: Awakened Legacy - Item and System Changes


Aion: Awakened Legacy update arrives in a couple of weeks, and to prepare you for the update there are several impactful systems changes you should be aware of. Check out the highlights below and stay tuned for the full patch notes available as we near the launch on October 24.


Equipment and Accessories

  1. Equipment will now use a rarity progression of Ancient, Legendary, and Ultimate. This also applies to items that use rarity.
  2. With the rarity change, characters will be granted new gear based on their current gear. Click here to see the list. Characters will keep their current gear along with receiving the new gear after the game update.
  3. Equipment will be explicitly divided into PvE and PvP equipment, which determines how it can be acquired and powered up.


  1. Enchanting gear no longer breaks when the enchantment fails.
  2. Equipment and accessories will use either PvE or PvP Enchantment Stones, which is determined by the type of equipment (PvE or PvP).
  3. Supplements can no longer be used and can be sold to the vendor for Kinah.


  1. Most equipment will need to have their Manastone sockets unlocked before they can have Manastones added. Slots can be unlocked with Manastone Fasteners. The amount of Fasteners required will be based on the level and rarity of the gear, as well as how many slots have already been unlocked on it.

Crafting and Gathering

  1. The old crafting disciplines will be removed.
  2. Aethertapping will be removed, but Essencetapping will remain.
  3. The Aetherforging craft list will change. Players will be able to craft both craft both PvE and PvP equipment and accessories of various rarities.


  1. The number and type of craftable items in Karunerk’s Workshop in Luna will be changing. You will also be able to craft PvE Enchantment Stones, Aetherforging crafting materials, and more.
  2. Luna will replace the bonus instance entry scrolls. You’ll be able to use Luna to add additional instance entries. Scrolls currently in the game can still be used up.
  3. Kutana’s Teleport Station will be added, allowing players to spend Luna to teleport to strategic areas quickly.


  1. The Transformation system is a new system that will allow you to transform into a powerful being for a short time, granting bonus stats.
  2. There are different grades of Transformations which players can earn from Transformation Contracts. Higher grades provide better stats, but have a shorter duration.
  3. Transformations will be permanently unlocked account-wide via a Transformation Contract. To use a Transformation, players need a Transformation Scroll.
  4. Transformation Contracts and Scrolls can be purchased from the Gold Sand Traders for Kinah. Other means to obtain them will be made available in the future.


  1. The new Cubics system will provide you with permanent stat boosts for a character through the use of Cubicles.
  2. Cubicles can be acquired through Qubrinerk’s Workshop as well as other means.
  3. There are many types of Cubicles, and you can see the various stats awarded from the Cubic menu.


Item Changes

  1. Many consumables including power shards, crafting recipes and buff scrolls will be obsolete and automatically sold or removed upon login. Full item details will be available later.
  2. +5 Essence Cores will automatically be exchanged for Gold Ingots. Essence Cores lower than +5 will be immediately removed from players’ inventories.
  3. Gold Ingot is a new token that can be used to purchase items from the new Gold Sand Traders. Kinah can be exchanged for Gold Ingots.


Keep an eye out for additional articles and features explaining the biggest and best changes coming to Aion: Awakened Legacy—arriving October 24!

Power Up Week & All Boosts


Starting on October 10, Power Up Week and All Boosts will be running for the next two weeks. Read on for full details!

Power Up Week

These server-wide buffs will greatly help when attempting to temper or enchant Essence Cores, Accessories, and Stigmas:

  1. Attempts to enchant a Stigma that are unsuccessful will only result in a decrease of one enchantment level rather than the destruction of the item
  2. Attempts to temper accessories (Hats, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, and Belts) that are unsuccessful will only result in the decrease of one tempering level rather than the destruction of the item
  3. Attempts to enchant Essence Cores that are unsuccessful will only result in the decrease of one enchantment level, if using Omega Enchantment Stones, rather than the destruction of the item


You’ll be able to stock up on items you may need by visiting the in-game store or web store.

All Boosts

All the boosts you know and love will be activated at once. These server-wide bonus buffs will help you with leveling, crafting, drops, and AP!

  1. 400% bonus EXP gain
  2. 100% bonus crafting EXP
  3. 100% bonus AP gain
  4. 100% bonus drop rate


These events will be active all the way up to the launch of Aion: Awakened Legacy on October 24.