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Weekly Server Maintenance - July 23, 2014, 5:30 AM Central

There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, July 23, 2014 from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 3.5 hours.

- Changes -

  1. Routine server updates and modifications.
  2. Reduced the number of chat reports needed to silence a spamming player. Click here to read our forum guide on the chat silence feature.
  3. Identified an issue with Administrator's Boon (3-Days) not expiring. The non-expiring item will be removed from the game.
  4. Mega Kinah Millions Tickets can be purchased in-game via Mega Kinah Millions Vending Machine for one more week.


Thank you for your patience!

Mega Kinah Millions 2014


This 4-week event gives Daevas the chance to win hundreds of millions of Kinah each week. The Atreian Fortune Commission estimates that over 10 billion Kinah will be awarded to lucky Daevas each week during this event, so pick up your tickets every day!

- How to Participate -

For the first two weeks, Daevas of any level can purchase up to 10 tickets per character each day from the Mega Kinah Millions Vending Machine in Pandaemonium, Sanctum, Tiamaranta, and Katalam. Tickets are also available on the Black Cloud Marketplace for players level 30 and above for the entire event duration.

- How to Win -

Once you have your tickets, scratch them off by right-clicking them in your inventory.  The top prize is 300 million Kinah, and multiple top prizes can be awarded. Buy your tickets, cross your wings, and see how much you’ve won!

- Prizes -

Players must be at least level 10 and above to turn in tickets for the Kinah prize. Once you've determined how much you've won, see NPC Fortunerk during the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) to exchange your winning tickets. Starting on July 31, Fortunerk will be available every day all day until the end of the event.

  • Jackpot Winners:   300,000,000 Kinah
  • 2nd Place Winners: 100,000,000 Kinah
  • 3rd Place Winners:  5,000,000 Kinah
  • 4th Place Winners:  1,500,000 Kinah
  • 5th Place Winners:  10,000 Kinah


There is no limit to how much Kinah can be won or how many Daevas can win! Good luck!


- Notes & Rules -

Tickets may be purchased in-game until July 30, 2014. Only level 30+ characters may purchase tickets from the Black Cloud Marketplace.  Only 10 tickets may be purchased in-game per day per character. Ticket costs will vary based on faction influence ratio. Mega Kinah Millions not valid in Australia. If you access this website from within Australia, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws regarding Mega Kinah Millions in the place where you are located.

New Items in the Wealth Lockbox


The Wealth Lockbox has been once again been updated with a few new reward items! In addition to Ceramium Medals, Timeless Weapon Boxes, and Golden Pack Saam Pet Eggs, you can now get True White/Black Dyes, Tempering Solutions, and the highly sought after Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundle where you can choose the manastone of your liking.

For the next four weeks, find lockboxes from monster drops and unlock it with a key from drops or the store!

Click here to purchase a key or to see the full reward list.

Weekly Server Maintenance - July 16, 2014, 5:30 AM Central

There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, July 16, 2014 from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 3.5 hours.

- Changes -

  1. Routine server updates and modifications.
  2. Purple Reign event will end. Please turn in your remaining Violet Banners.
  3. Mega Kinah Millions 2014 event will start. Event details will be available later.
  4. Combat Lockboxes will no longer drop in game and the key will no longer be on sale.
  5. Wealth Lockboxes will drop in game and the key will be on sale. The Wealth Lockboxes now contain new additional prizes.


Thank you for your patience!

#onvacatAion Real-Life Photo Contest

Summer—long days, warm nights. During this time, we’re on summer break or gearing up for long planned vacations. Well Daevas, we hope you will take us with you on your vacation even when you step away from the computer! Take a picture of your excursion with the Aion logo in the frame, and you’ll be entered to win a hot new summer costume skin!

- How to Participate -

  1. While outdoors or on vacation, take a photo with a hand-written or computer-generated Aion logo along with your character name and server. You do not necessarily need to be in the picture, but proof of your physical existence would be a bonus!
  2. Post your photo on your Facebook page or Twitter page using the hashtags #onvacatAion and #Aion. You photo must be set to Public on Facebook and your Twitter account must not be Private or we will not be able to see it.
  3. Caption your photo including your character name and server.
  4. The photo must not be edited or altered in any way beyond the Aion logo. Any submissions deemed plagiarized will be disqualified from the event.

The five best photos that show the most creativity, originality, and/or that best represent the event theme will win (1) Aquablue Swimsuit and (1) Summer Flower hat.

Event ends on July 24, 2014. Please click here for the full contest rules.

Best of luck, Daevas, and we look forward to seeing your entries!