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8th Anniversary Daeva's Day Events


Aion is turning 8 years old! Starting September 20, the festivities this year include:

  • Double EXP with extra special bonuses on Aion’s anniversary day, September 22;
  • Hidden cakes are stashed across Atreia and are delicious goodies;
  • Extra Prestige Coins for Prestige Pack holders;
  • The return of Kromede’s Revenge as voted by the community!


For the duration of Daeva’s Day, all Daevas will see a 100% bonus XP gain in instances and in the open world. On September 22, Aion’s 8th birthday, the bonus XP will be upgraded to an additional 200% as well as adding 200% bonus drop rate, AP gain, and crafting & gathering experience.


The hidden cakes have returned for the celebration. Hidden all over Atreia, if you come across any of these cakes, slice them open for some potions and scrolls. If you find the extra special cakes even more fabulous prizes can be found inside.


As voted by the community, Kromede’s Revenge has returned. Infiltrate the Fire Temple to earn as many points as you can to open chests for vengefully generous rewards. You can find full event information here.


If you are a Prestige Pack holder, you will receive a weekly survey with 500 Prestige Coins to spend on whatever you choose! Make sure you claim those surveys before the Daeva’s Day events ends!


Join the party. Daeva’s Day events end on October 4. Happy Daeva’s Day!

Kromede's Revenge Returns


Kromede's Revenge has been voted by the community to return during out Daeva's Day celebreations! Explore the Smoldering File Temple and defeat Kromede for fabulous prizes!

- How to Participate -

In the capital cities of Pandaemonium and Sanctum, you can find Annaerunerk willing to transport you and your party (max of three players total) to the Smoldering Fire Temple for levels 40+. The event instance is available for free once per day and you can unlock additional entries with the Smoldering Fire Temple Bonus Entry Scrolls on the store. When you enter the instance, you will find three adventurers named Irish, Shine, and Stomper. Each adventurer have unique abilities that can only be used in the instance so be sure to decide among your party who will choose who. At the beginning of the instance you will also find a Potion Chest that will give you consumables you can use during your exploration. 

Proceed through the Smoldering Fire Temple, then defeat as many waves of monsters including the boss, Kromede, as you can in the allotted time for points. After eight minutes, you will be given a grade based on your group’s points which will determine how many Smoldering Fire Temple Treasure Chest Keys you obtain. You can use the one key to open the Elegant Treasure Chest or use three keys to open Dazzling Treasure Chest. You have a chance of receiving an Elite Treasure Chest from both the Dazzling and Elegant Chests. Combine it with an Elite Treasure Key, which is available from the store for even greater prizes! Elite Treasure Keys can also be used to open the Elegant Treasure Chest and the Dazzling Treasure Chest. Treasure Chests do not disappear when you leave the instance, however the Smoldering Fire Temple Treasure Chest Keys you obtain will!

- Rewards -

You can find the full list of items available on our forums here.

Hurry and explore the Smoldering Fire Temple while you still have time! Annaerunerk will only be willing to send you there until October 4, 2017. 

Rotating Weekend Boosts #5

We're having another rotating boost weekend! This rotation will work just like the previous ones, so get ready for bonuses, bonuses, bonuses!

  • Friday, September 15 to Sunday, September 17 – +100 Bonus XP
  • Friday, September 22 to Sunday, September 24 –  +100% Bonus Drop Rate
  • Friday, September 29 to Sunday, October 1 – +100% Bonus Crafting & Gathering 
  • Friday, October 6 to Sunday, September 8 – +100% Bonus AP Gained

 See you in game!

Limited Time Costume Rotation



Bolero Garb

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Bolero Attire

Bolero Accessory




Contemporary Dress

Contemporary Headdress




Contemporary Look

Contemporary Headpiece


We will also be rotating out a few old costumes so visit the in-game shop or web store here to see all the limited time items. Sale ends September 29, 2017.

Limited Time Costume Rotation



Sultry Outfit
Sultry Hairpin


The previous Code Red & Code Blue costumes are available also! We will be rotating out a few old costumes so visit the in-game shop or web store here to see all the limited time items. Sale ends September 15, 2017.